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The Zone

The Zone policies

Wellness Classroom

The Wellness Classroom is closed to patrons within the facility unless the event has been approved prior by Campus Recreation Professional Staff. All special events that take place within the classroom will follow Campus Recreation guidelines unless otherwise noted by the Recreation Staff.

Wellness Lounge

The Wellness Lounge is used for teaching, training and marketing of campus recreation events. However, during non-programing hours this area is open to patrons of the facility and can be used for relaxing, watching tv and collecting Health Promotion information. Use of the Wellness Lounge is for academic and recreational purposes only. Organized activities other than those approved by EKU Recreation Office staff are prohibited. Private Coaching and instruction for personal gain is not permitted. The Wellness Lounge should be used for relaxing, studying and gaining knowledge relating to the eight dimensions of wellness.

Patrons are not permitted to rearrange the furniture within the Wellness Lounge unless approved by the Recreation Staff.

The TV in the Wellness Lounge is to be used for programming, marketing and educational purposes only. Individuals attempting to use the television in a manner other than directed will be asked to leave the area.

  • Hydro Massage Bed:

Time of the Hydro Bed is limited to 1 session. Do not perform back to back sessions on the Hydro Bed to allow others the opportunity. Time is limited to 10-minute sessions via the tablet connected to the Hydro Bed. Once your session is complete wipe down the hydro bed using the provided antiseptic wipes.

Wellness Resource Center

The Wellness Resource Centerseeks to provide services that educate students about a variety of health-related topics and give them access to resources that promote a healthy lifestyle. The resource center engages students in developing personal skills and building an academic environment where well-being advances the capacity to learn, work, and contribute to society. If students would like information and or pamphlets they are more than welcome to take any text information necessary. If you have questions please contact the student workers placed in the resource center.





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