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Weight & Fitness Area

The fitness program offers participants a safe, total body workout in the area of cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, and strength training.  Participants have the opportunity to work out on their own in the various fitness areas, join group exercise classes, or sign up for personal training sessions.  Whether you enjoy working out alone or surrounding yourself with people who have similar fitness goals, the fitness program has something for everyone.

Fitness & Weight Area Policies

Fitness areas are located in both the Burke Wellness Center and in the Fitness & Wellness Center.  In an effort to provide a safe workout environment, Campus Recreation requires all participants to adhere to the following policies and procedures when utilizing the fitness areas:

General Policies:

  • Adhere to all posted rules in the fitness area.
  • Participants must be 16 years of age or older.
  • All participants are encouraged to wear athletic clothing.  When in fitness areas, jeans, khakis, jean shorts, belts, and skirts are examples of clothing we do not encourage. Participants must wear a shirt that covers the chest and back areas at all times.  Attire that is worn by participants that is of an inappropriate/offensive manner is prohibited.
  • All participants must wear athletic shoes.  No opened toe footwear is permitted.  No footwear is permitted that will leave scuff marks. 
  • Participants must use a spotter at all times when lifting heavy weights.  Safety is the most important aspect of our environment, so please ask for a spot when lifting heavy amounts of weight.
  • Food and gum is prohibited in the fitness area.  All food must be disposed of before entering the fitness area.
  • All drinks that are brought into the fitness area must be in a closed container.  Items such as glass bottles, aluminum cans, and smoothies are not acceptable in the fitness area.  These items must be put in a cubby or disposed.
  • No chalk use in the fitness area.  Some individuals use chalk for their grip on heavier weights, and we do not allow this.
  • The use of photo equipment is prohibited.  Participants may not use cameras or cell phones to take photos while working out.
  • Direct any questions on equipment use to the Fitness Floor staff. 
  • Report any injuries or equipment problems to the staff on duty immediately.
  • All personal items, book bags, etc., must be stored in day lockers or cubbies.  Locks for day locks must be checked out at the front desk.

Rules for Dumbbell Area:

  • Use a spotter at all times.
  • Dumbbells are not to be slammed down or thrown down.  Weights should not bounce off the ground at any time.
  • Participants are not allowed to rest dumbbells on top of the upholstery padding.  Weights should be placed on the ground between sets.
  • All dumbbells must be put back on their designated racks after use.  Return all dumbbells to correct location on dumbbell rack after using.  Do not remove dumbbells from designated area.
  • Wipe down all bench upholstery after use.

Rules for Free Weight Use:

  • Use a spotter at all times.
  • Weight clips are required on all weight bars when using any plate loaded equipment.
  • All Olympic style lifts, dead lifts, etc. must be performed within power racks in designated area.
  • Re-rack weight plates after use to the correct location.
  • Wipe down all bench upholstery after use.

Rules for Pin Select Equipment:

  • Insert pin completely into weight stack.
  • Do not add weight plates onto pin in the stack.
  • Do not slam weight stacks.
  • Allow persons doing single set circuit training to work through when performing multiple sets.
  • Wipe down all bench upholstery after use.

Rules for Cardio Equipment Use:

  • Adhere to the 30 minute time limit when others are waiting for cardio machines.
  • Wipe down entire cardio machine when workout is complete.

Fitness & Wellness Center Track Guidelines

  • The track is for runners, joggers, and walkers only.  Spectators must use lower level.  No standing at the rail.
  • Food /gum are not allowed on the track.  Only water bottles with sealable lids are permitted.
  • Participants should circle the track in the direction specified.
  • All walkers should position themselves to the inside lanes of the track and runners to the outside lanes.
  • Faster runners should pass to the outside of slower runners.
  • Only athletic, running, or training shoes are to be worn on the track. NO CLEATS!
  • Stretching must be confined to designated stretching areas.
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