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Sexual Health and Violence Prevention

Kinsey Confidential 

It's Your Sex Life It's Your (Sex) Life is MTV's Emmy and Peabody Award-winning public information campaign to support young people in making responsible decisions about their sexual health. The campaign focuses on reducing unintended pregnancy, preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including HIV/AIDS, and open communication with partners and healthcare providers. IYSL was launched in 1997 with the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Sexual Health (Centers for Disease Control) 

National Sexual Violence Resource Center NSVRC understands sexual violence to be an overarching term that includes an array of behaviors, both physical and non-physical, that constitute unwanted or age-inappropriate sexual activity that can impact people of any age or gender. We believe that sexual violence is rooted in power inequities and is connected to other forms of oppression including ableism, adultism, ageism, classism, heterosexism, racism, religism, sexism and other constructs that value certain people or groups over others. NSVRC uses its national leadership position to promote dialogue and understanding of sexual violence and its prevention.

Sleep Well

EKU Campus Recreation Health Promotion is joining Ariana Huffington and #SleepRevolution to raise awareness about the REAL importance of sleep. Follow the adventure and get more sleep health information here!

 The National Sleep Foundation is dedicated to improving health and well-being through sleep education and advocacy. Founded in 1990 by the leaders in sleep medicine, NSF is the trusted resource for sleep science, healthy sleep habits, and sleep disorders to medical professionals, patients and the public.

Alcohol & Drug Resources

SAMHSA's National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information: The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services operates a branch called the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. The site isn't marketed toward college students, but it provides reliable information. The "issues" tab in the top navigation bar is a great place to start.

Addiction Center: Addiction Center is a self-help resource that is constantly providing the most up-to-date information on various drugs and addictions. From teenagers to the elderly communities, we understand that addiction can affect anyone, and we strive to get those struggling with the help they need. Whether you, a friend, or a family member is struggling, we have the information to assist in the path to recovery.

College Drinking Prevention: This site has a body alcohol concentration (BAC) calculator and a flash program that lets visitors trace the flow of alcohol through a human body. It also offers information about alcohol poisoning, myths about alcohol abuse, facts about alcoholism, and e-cards to email to your friends.

E-Chug: How Do Your Drinking Habits Compare to Other College Students?  Get feedback about your drinking habits with e-Chug. e-Chug asks you to enter information about your drinking habits, your family history, and your demographics. It requires no face time with a counselor or administrator.

E-Toke: How Does Your Marijuana Use Compare to Other College Students?  Get feedback about your marijuana use with e-Toke. e-Toke asks you to enter information about your marijuana use, your spending patterns, and your lifestyle. e-Toke requires no face time with a counselor or administrator.

Managing Stress: A Guide for College Students : The University of Georgia explains how to handle stress. The site includes pages on money, relationships, sleep, exercise, attitude, drugs and alcohol, nutrition, relaxation, spirituality, time, and tobacco. 

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Tobacco Resources

Becoming Tobacco Free is not easy.  The more information and resources you have available to you, the more likely you are to quit and stay tobacco free.  Check out these resources and put them to work for you today! Online guide to quitting with telephonic and instant messaging options to talk to an expert. Guides and tools can be downloaded, printed or ordered from this site. Educational information and medical study links also included. Guide to Quit Smoking, Best Way to Quit Quiz, & Plan your Quit Day Six online learning sessions, Interactive homework with feedback, Individual telephone and email counseling, One year unlimited access to site, & Ongoing maintenance and support Tobacco information, research, literature, statistics, quitting, and prevention Smoking cessation resources, Quitting tips, Create your own Quit Smoking plan, Support from Quitnet community The Foundation for a Smokefree America offers educational videos, quitting tips, and anti smoking resources.

Tobacco Cessation from the US Department of Health & Human Services (

Other Resources

Current U.S Dietary Guidelines 

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