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Holistic Wellness


Eastern Kentucky University takes a holistic approach to wellness by focusing on the 8 dimensions of wellness. Wellness is the journey to achieve optimal levels of physical and mental health. Wellness is individualized and comprised of eight components that work together to create a whole, well person. 

Emotional Wellness: Effectively coping with life's ups and downs and creating meaningful and satisfying relationships with others.  

  • Emotionally...
    I choose to talk about my feelings
    I choose to express my emotions in a constructive way
    I choose withhold my anger and not make impulsive reactions to stressors
    I choose to enter and remain in healthy relationships for me and my partner

Environmental Wellness: Good health by occupying pleasant, stimulating environments. Environmental wellness extends beyond just "being green" but includes social and work environments.

  • Environmentally...
    I choose to recycle
    I choose to ride a bike, walk or take public transportation
    I choose to positively contribute to the protection and sustainability of the environment
    I buy products made with "post consumer waste" materials

Financial Wellness: Satisfaction and security with your current and future financial circumstances. This may include debt management, budgeting, and smart investing.

  • Financially...
    I make and follow a monthly budget
    I do not purchase items on credit I cannot afford
    I use student loans for school-related purchases only
    I save money each month to plan for the future

Intellectual Wellness: Active participation in scholastic, cultural, and community activities. Intellectual wellness also involves assimilating things learned in the classroom to real-world situations. 

  • Intellectually...
    I challenge my mind to learn more than before
    I question the status-quo and demand the facts
    I disregard ignorance and focus on education
    I am open to new concepts, ideas, perspectives and cultures

Occupational Wellness: Personal satisfaction and enrichment from one's work. Maintaining a work-life balance. 

  • Occupationally...
    I work toward a rewarding career path
    I work at a company fitting with my core values and beliefs
    I have a job allowing for a positive work-life balance
    I get along with my co-workers

Physical Wellness: Maintaining a life filled with physical activity, nutritious foods, quality sleep, and avoiding high-risk behaviors like smoking.

  • Physically...
    I exercise on a regular basis
    I maintain a balanced diet and regular sleeping habits
    I choose to not drink excessively consume or abuse drugs
    I choose to respect my body and practice safe sex

Social Wellness: Developing a strong sense of social connection, belonging, and support systems with others.

  • Socially...
    I seek and fulfill leadership roles that contribute positively to the community
    I develop healthy relationships with friends
    I pursue friendships with others sharing my common interests
    I attend events on campus which interest me

Spiritual Wellness: Expanding a personal sense of purpose and living a meaningful life. Spiritual wellness is not the same as religious orientation. 

  • Spiritually...
    I am fulfilled with my life
    I choose or choose not to participate in a religion fitting MY belief system
    I show compassion for the plight of others
    I seek activities to provide a deeper sense o purpose in my life
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