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Health Promotion Student Programs

To schedule a program please contact the Graduate Assistant of Health Promotion and fill out our webform here.

Healthy Living 101

  • Healthy Lifestyles is a catch-all program that defines the 8 dimensions of wellness: emotional, physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, environmental, and financial. Healthy Lifestyles will give the audience the information and resources needed to adopt new behaviors and a healthier lifestyle. Minimum of 8 participants.


  • This nutrition program provides basic nutritional information for students to make wise choices while living on their own. Peer educators present information relevant to students eating on campus or visiting restaurants. The program is aimed at teaching students about healthy options. Minimum of 8 participants

Big Bucks, Big Dreams:

  • Today's college students leave with an average student loan debt of over $50,000 after only four years!  Learn how to manage your finances during college to minimize your responsibility to creditors and how to get by on that less-than-expected paycheck upon graduation. Minimum of 8 participants.

Drink, Drank, Flunk

  • This program provides students with factual information about how alcohol and other substances can affect their lives. This informative program explains blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and its effect on the body, standard drink sizes, laws regarding intoxication, alcohol poisoning and what to do in an emergency. Minimum of 8 participants.

From ZZZs to As

  • College students are one of the most sleep-deprived population in the U.S. Learn how to get a more restful nights sleep and cut back on the caffeine. Minimum of 8 participants

Love Like You!

  • Our healthy relationship program outlines the positive and negative behaviors associated with dating relationships, friendships, and work relationships by sharing the most recent, up-to-date research about college relationships. Students have the opportunity to ask questions and share stories. Minimum of 8 participants.

Can't Stress This Enough

  • 3 Exams, 2 Papers and a Class Project: I’M STRESSED! is a great program to schedule mid-semester or shortly before final exams. Peer educators explain the physiology and causes of stress and share healthy ways to handle it. Participants will actively deal with their stress during the program. Minimum of 8 participants.

Safe is Sexy

  • Consent, condoms, and contraceptives. Our Safe is Sexy program discusses safer sex practices, consent, and how to communicate with your partner in sexual situations. This program reveals all the dirty little secrets about healthy sex life. Minimum of 8 participants.


  • Today’s image of self can be misconstrued and influenced by social and unrealistic expectations.  Escape from these pressures and focus on positive self-affirmations and body image with “Do you see what I See?” Minimum of 8 participants.

Let Me Take A Selfie

  • Are all those selfies on Instagram setting you up for career success? Now more than ever, employers take the time to search social media before hiring new people. This program touches on the basics of social-media presence, resume writing, and the keys to interviewing success! Minimum of 8 participants.

Step Up!

  • Bystander intervention is recognizing a potentially harmful situation and actively addressing the situation they deem problematic. Learn how to ACT fast and help your friends avoid dangerous situations. Minimum of 8 participants

Want an alternative to a presentation? Try out the activities to keep students engaged!

Taste the Rainbow

  • Engage students through a game of jeopardy to educate about the importance of nutrition, the importance of MyPlate, and more! Minimum of 8 participants

Operation Clean Sweep

  • Cigarette smoking has declined from 20.9 percent to 14.0% in the past 12 years, however vaping is on the rise. Challenge students in a game of kahoot to learn more about the effects of e-cigarettes.

Sex and Chocolate

  • To start off the session, students will participate in condom education which is followed by a Kahoot game. Students will then write any questions about sexual health/activity and we will create a dialogue! Minimum of 8 participants

Relaxation Room

  • Looking for a place to relax after a long day? Schedule a time for the relaxation room to ease your mind. Color, play games, make stress balls and even study. Minimum of 8 participants

Health Education for $300, Alex!

  • Are you looking to learn through a fun game of Jeopardy? Take your pick on the different health topics (stress, sexual health, healthy relationships) to learn more about the subject. Minimum of 8 participants



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