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Colonels in Control

What is a Colonel in Control?

A Colonel in Control is someone who has a firm a grasp on their eight dimensions of wellness.  This person can stare temptation in the face and make positive decisions for his/her healthy lifestyle in all situations.  When faced with tough choices we should all think how we can make appropriate decisions to guide us on a path to success.

Every time you exhibit one of these behaviors, take a picture and Instagram it, or put it on Twitter with the #ColonelsInControl.  We want to see Colonels in action!

I am a Colonel in Control when...

I choose to talk about my feelings
I choose to seek counseling from a professional
I choose to express my emotions in a constructive way
I withhold my anger and not make impulsive reactions to stressors
I choose to enter and remain in healthy relationships for me and my partner

I choose to recycle
I choose to ride a bike, walk or take public transportation
I purchase "Locally Grown" or "Kentucky Proud" products
I buy products made with "post consumer waste" materials

I make and follow a monthly budget
I do not purchase items on credit I cannot afford
I use student loans for school-related purchases only
I save money each month to plan for the future

I work toward a rewarding career path
I work at a company fitting with my core values and beliefs
I have a job allowing for a positive work-life balance
I get along with my co-workers

I challenge my mind to learn more than before
I question the status-quo and demand the facts
I disregard ignorance and focus on education
I seek out reputable sources for information gathering

I exercise on a regular basis
I thoughtfully consume a balance diet
I choose to not drink to excess
I choose not to smoke or use tobacco products
I choose not to consume illegal drugs, or abuse legal drugs
I choose to respect my body and practice safe sex

I do not have to drink to have a good time
I engage in activities with others that are constructive and legal
I develop healthy relationships with friends
I pursue friendships with others sharing my common interests
I attend events on campus which interest me

I am fulfilled with my life
I choose or choose not to participate in a religion fitting MY belief system
I show compassion for the plight of others
I seek activities to provide a deeper sense o purpose in my life



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